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The tabs below provide useful information for all residents, from the time of considering buying and or moving in, to facts that will help you to settle in and make this your home.

OFFICE/FAX: 043 740 4989.

OFFICE HOURS 9:00 – 12:00 weekdays

Link to Conduct Rules

Note: Currently both Villages use Annexure 1 of the Sectional Titles Schemes Management Regulations as their Management Rules.

Street Wardens - Settlers:

Settlers Street Wardens

Street/ Units


Contact Number

The Close 1 -4, Unit 76,
Flats 77, 80-82,

074 688 5967

Rehta Swanepoel

The Crescent 5 - 20

043 740 4131
060 881 2801

Helen Gimingham

Seaview Terrace 21 - 33

071 674 1038
043 740 1740

Laurette Clark

Seaview Terrace 34 - 38

043 740 5716
076 833 8097

Neil Pohlman

Seaview Terrace 39 - 40
Rose Lane 41 - 46

043 740 2478
083 351 5736

Carol Lewis

Shalom Way 47 - 54

083 280 1123

Teressa Roux

Valley View 55 - 60

079 525 6813

Barbara Lane

Lake View 61 - 75

083 360 6065

Lindy Sohms

Garden Route 83 - 87

082 742 4945

Doreen de Power

Street Wardens - Settlers Rest:

Settlers Rest Street Contacts

Street/ Units


Contact Number

Palm Place, 101 - 112
Coucal Close 117-118, 125-126

082 926 6646

Barney Vickers

Valley Crescent 113-116, 119-124, 146

043 740 4091
073 821 9028

Mike Keeley

Loerie Lane 125-136

043 740 3796
072 214 7684

Shirley Vosloo

Swallow Close 137, 145-147, 148
Ocean View Terrace 139-144, 149-154

043 740 3451
083 297 5490

Irene Warren

082 588 4180

Wendy May

Before buying and or moving in

Prospective owners (and tenants) are required to partake in an interview with members of the Board of Trustees (Conduct Rules Clause 19).
This is to ensure that new residents have no incorrect expectations, and have been made aware of the contents of the Conduct Rules and other pertinent aspects of living in the village.

Moving In

Removal Vans:
It is important to know that there is a maximum limit of 3 tons on removal trucks (and any other vehicles) entering the complex. If the vehicle your removal company is using is larger than that, a shuttle will have to be used from the gate to your cottage. For those coming from out of town, there are local enterprises who will hire out a truck for such requirments.

Electricity & Water:
Electricity is supplied via pre-paid Council meters. Vouchers can be bought at the local garages and supermarkets. It can also be purchased online via a supplier such as Prepaid24 at the same rate/kwh as when bought at the shops.
Each unit has its own water meter and consumption is billed monthly with the Levy.

Contact Details:
Every new owner will be required to fill out a Contact Details form for the Managing Agent (Trafalgar Property Management) and a Contact Details form for the Village management.
Both are available on the Forms page

Trafalgar Owner DetailsTrafalgar Debit Order Contact Details Form Emergency Details Form

Insurance Cover and Claims

Both Villages are insured with Hollard under a standard Sectional Title Policy, using Stephenson Brokers as the insurance broker. A copy of each Village's policy is available on the Owner's Pages which require password access.
This policy covers the Common Property and the buildings against the normal risks of a "Homeowners" policy. Owners are advised to also consider the usual "householders" policy to cover their personal effects and moveables within the Unit.
The geyser is covered under the Sectional Title policy.


All claims should be lodged within 24 hours of an incident occurring and the Office or a Trustee should be notified immediately. A claim form will be completed by the Office and submitted to the broker, including any relevant photographs. These must be taken before any repair work is done.
In the case of a "burst" geyser the following is important to note:
The plumber must provide a Certificate of Compliance (click on link below to view IOPSA Compliance Table), meaning it must be a registered plumber. Therefore an owner can use a plumber of their choice as long as they are registered.
If not, all costs are for the owner's account.
Maximum sum insured for geysers is R18,000, including the "first amount payable" (Excess) of R1,500 which must be paid by the owner.
Property Loss claim form can be used (no specific geyser claim forms).

IOPSA Compliance Table


In terms of Conduct Rule 10, no cats/kittens are allowed.
New owners/residents are allowed to bring one small spayed/neutered dog with them  provided it has already been living with them prior to taking up residence in the Village. It cannot be replaced when it dies.
See Conduct Rules for full details.

Link to Dog Application Form


Facilities within the Village Community Centre include Reception (with Post Boxes for each unit), small Library, Hairdresser, Snooker Room, Hall & Kitchen, Swimming Pool and Communal Braai Area.
Residents can make use of the Village Kombi to go to the nearby shops.
There is also a small pond in the grounds, with abundant bird life.

Link to Settlers Orientation Document Link to Rest Orientation Document

Multichoice Business Packages
Settlers residents are able to subscribe to one of three Multichoice DSTV options:
Stay Basic: R275/m
Stay Essential: R385/m
Stay Ultra: R545/m
Stay Ultra plus Explorer: R640/m

Click to view channels:

Stay Basic Channels Stay Essential Channels Stay Ultra Channels

Emergency Medical Services

8 February 2021.
Settlers and Settlers Rest have entered into an agreement with Alderson and any resident who registers for this service will receive preferential medical assistance from Alderson.

Aldersons Ambulance Service has re-introduced their “Access to EMS” (Emergency Medical Services) which is specifically for old age homes and retirement centres/villages.

Access to EMS is a database of signed up members. This allows them to have firsthand information of any patient’s information (medical history, allergies, debilitating injuries, ID copy Etc.) before they are even on scene. This shortens any delay as they can despatch the right level of care paramedic from the start. The information they have on their system is strictly confidential, but very beneficial to the treating medics and doctors at hospital when handing over the patient, especially if the patient is unable to speak for him/herself.

By signing up other benefits include:
• Dedicated number to call 0860 22 33 66
• Emergency Response to Settlers Retirement Village and medical vitals screening / patient assessment (at no charge if not transported to hospital) if a resident is ill, but not sure if the patient needs hospitalization, give Aldersons a call and they will send a medic to go and assess the case – no transport no charge policy.
• Telephonic Medical information / advice via our control room, as all of our call takers, are paramedics themselves.
• Emergency medical transportation to the nearest appropriate facility. Medical aid patients, we will bill the medical aid for transportation. Private patients (non-medical aid patients) who have signed up, will enjoy a reduced set rate of R500 only per trip (Non Covid), regardless of the level of care rendered. Covid Related cases, an additional R300 will apply during the pandemic, for PPE suits/masks (Personal Protective Equipment) used. Payments may be paid off over a 3-month period.
• There are no monthly charges, or a joining subscription fee. This is a service offered only to old age homes and retirement villages

Remember to confirm with your medical aid who their preferred provider is.
Alderson’s costs may not be covered if you do not use their preferred supplier.

Link to Alderson Ambulance Service Application Form