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Thanks to Kathy Hutton for the photographs

Ivy du Preez Farewell
31 August 2018.

A large number of Residents from both Settlers and Settlers Rest gathered at Ivy's retirement function on 31st August to show their appreciation and express their thanks for the 25 years of service that Ivy has given to the two villages, since arriving here in May 1993.

Working in "the Office", Ivy's duties have been many and varied over the years and one of the most important legacies she leaves behind is the sound financial status the two Villages enjoy today. She diligently “computerised” the previously manual accounting processes and maintained the system until it was finally transferred to Trafalgar Property Management on 1 July of this year.
With persistence and integrity she faithfully looked after “the books” and ensured that no debts slipped by unnoticed! She also kept a tight rein on all expenditure, ensuring that over the years the many Trustees spent only what was really necessary and affordable!
During these years she was also a constant presence in the office for residents to visit and chat to, about everything from their levy accounts, to local events, families and many other subjects.
As Mike Keeley (Chairman of Settlers Rest) said in his speech “you have so much knowledge …..we will be knocking on your door for advice! 
Go well Ivy, you have been a good friend to many”

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