Multichoice Subscription Application


Note: Where the applicant is not the Unit owner, the owner's permission for this application must be obtained, as all billing is processed via the owner Levy account.

Enter month and year

A printable copy of your application will be emailed to you when this form is submitted.

Terms & Conditions

1. Subscription will be paid in advance and will be billed on the monthly Unit Levy Statement.
2. Payments to Levy account will first be allocated to Levy and Body Corporate charges, lastly to DSTV subscription.
3. Application must be submitted by 10th of month for commencement of service on 1st day of following month. (No part-months).
4. Settlers is in no way responsible for the broadcast of the signal and all such queries must be directed to Multichoice.
5. Levy account must be in good standing for application to be approved.
6. If account falls in arrears, Settlers has the right to terminate the DSTV subscription with immediate effect.

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