Application for Satellite Dish/Antenna Installation

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Satellite Dish/Antenna Conditions

The following will apply to all applications to install a dish or antenna:
1. The owner must indicate the purpose for the antenna or dish.
2. All adjacent and opposite owners must provide written consent that they do not object to the installation of the antenna or dish.
3. Letters of consent must be attached to this application or handed in at reception. Letters of consent must clearly state their unit number.
4. The plan must state how high above the highest point of the roof the antenna or dish will protrude.
5. The proposed new dishes must not exceed in 825 mm diameter. It must also be of the same colour as the existing dishes in the Village.
6. All cabling must be installed through the roof space where possible, and not along the exterior of the walls. Where cabling has to be installed along the exterior walls, every endeavour must be made to match the colour of the exterior wall.
7. Once installed, the dish/antenna must not be removed when the unit is sold or at any other time, without the Trustees’ written consent.
8. The cost of repairs to any damage to the exterior of the building, including roof tiles, will be for the unit owner’s account.

General Terms & Conditions applicable to this application

1. Application for any change to the Section is to be made in writing.
2. The Trustees reserve the right to decline any application.
3. No work may commence before an application has been approved in writing.
4. The application must include a site plan of the unit clearly showing the proposed positioning of the installation/change in relation to the unit, road and neighbouring units.
5. A written quotation for the work must accompany the application.
6. The installer must be a reputable company with staff qualified to do the work.
7. Specifications for the installation/change must be included in the submission and must conform to the laid down requirements in the Village. If possible and relevant, a colour brochure from the supplier and/or photographs must be included with the specification.
8. The applicant understands that if the completed installation/change does not conform to the specifications approved in this application, the Trustees can issue an instruction to make it compliant, or for the removal of the structure and reinstatement of the unit to its original state at the owners cost.
9. Even if the installation/change will be installed on common property, the applicant undertakes to continue to maintain the installation/change at their own cost and the Trustees reserve the right to take any action that may be necessary if this is not done.
10. Any damage to the existing structure or common property caused by the installation, or attributable at a later stage to the existence of the installation, must be immediately repaired by the owner, at their cost.
11. Insurance of the installation is the responsibility of the owner and the premiums arising therefrom will be for the owner’s account.
12. The conditions and obligations of this application must be accepted in writing by any future purchaser of the Section before the Clearance Certificate is issued by the Trustees.

File Attachments:

Please note that incorrect or incomplete attachments will result in delay or rejection of this application.

Max 2.5MB

The supplier quote must give specifications and enough detail to show conformance to Settlers requirements

Max 2.5MB

The plan must show the Unit, adjacent units, roadway and position of the dish/antenna, plus approximate measurements.

Max 2.5MB
Max 2.5MB

A printable copy of your application will be emailed to you after this form is submitted.

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